The Distillery through the years



Being a bartender is more than a job. It's an art! And it's this talent that the distillery intends to showcase with its first competition: Le Shaker d'Or.


On April 17, 5 Artisans de Biercée were inducted. An Artisan de Biercée appreciates, promotes and develops the products of one of Belgium's oldest and last fruit distilleries. They are true ambassadors for our products and the nuggets our flat country abounds in. They are proud of our heritage, and their Belgianness is reflected in their establishment, menu and decoration. Eau de Villée, a jewel of Belgian heritage, is one of the flagship digestifs on their menu. In short, an Artisan de Biercée is the mirror image of the Distillery. He uses his know-how to sublimate our premium spirits. That's why every year we honor bartenders and restaurateurs with the "Artisan de Biercée" label.