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Ivory Black

Created by Creative Stall from the Noun Project

17% vol


The very essence of Belgian chocolate

This light, non-creamy liqueur perfectly expresses all the aromatic and gustatory originality of genuine Belgian chocolate. Biercée Noir d'Ivoire is the delicious result of 100% natural distillation of two cocoas, both from the Ivory Coast.

The first cocoa is distilled raw, while the second is roasted before distillation. The result is a remarkable liqueur, harmonious, smooth and free of artificial flavors and colorants.


To fully appreciate it, serve Biercée Noir d'Ivoire straight from the fridge. Enjoy it preferably in a "tulip" glass, to let its subtle aromatic palette lull your nose.

Lovers of sweetness enjoy it pure, in a café gourmand, or in a dessert. Add a touch of originality to homemade tiramisu, for example.


Protect from light and heat. Store preferably in the refrigerator, between 4°C and 6°C. Best before date: 5 years if stored in accordance with instructions.

The little extra:

To impress your friends, simply replace the almond liqueur (Amaretto) in your tiramisu with Biercée Noir d'Ivoire liqueur. Originality and success guaranteed.

Tasting notes

On the nose
It is the roasting aromas that stand out at first contact.
In the mouth
Fine, supple attack of dark chocolate. Harmonious balance of flavors.
In the final
All the finesse of the chocolate lingers in the softness.


Biercée Distillery - Noir d’Ivoire award
Gold Medal 2018
Superior Taste Award