Top-of-the-range tools

Always at the service of Her Majesty's Quality

From the outset, and still today, our "three harlequins" brand has set itself very strict quality standards: hand-picked fruit producers, demanding and ultra-precise specifications, and the use of fresh, premium-quality, untreated fruit.

exceptional tools

Our distillation process is carried out with the greatest respect for tradition, using exceptional tools: thermo-regulated stainless steel fermentation and maceration vats, four Holstein copper column stills, stainless steel preservation vats, new and used oak barrels and a top-of-the-range ageing cellar.

the still rolls

Our 4 Holstein stills, in hammered copper, are the Rolls Royce of stills. Each alembic features a water bath with steam injection and a concentration column. They combine beauty and technology. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and a material that does not allow itself to be degraded by fruit acids. They are the ideal tool for refining eaux-de-vie by concentrating the aromatic components of fruit musts. Operating stills is a delicate, subtle and complex art, which our Master Distiller masters to perfection.

The voice of the Master Distiller

""This exceptional tool enables us to distill everything from the smallest root
to mushrooms, fruit or a peach of osciètre caviar...
It's a veritable grimoire that has enabled us to build
a great organoleptic organ unique in Belgium"".

A maturing cellar

Once distilled, some of our spirits are matured in stainless steel vats, others in new or used oak barrels, resting until they are fully matured in our cellar. This superb vaulted, sealed cellar is located beneath the distillery, and access to it is regulated by the French Customs and Excise Administration.


Rinsing, sterilization, filling, corking and labeling of the 20cl, 50cl, 70cl and 75cl bottles are carried out by a filler. The 150cl magnums are filled, labeled, corked and sealed by hand with wax.


Packing into boxes, gift boxes or tasting boxes, as well as grouping into cartons, is done manually at the distillery. This enables us to carry out a final quality check before shipping to wine merchants, specialist stores, restaurants and our e-shop customers.