A Biercée Artisan is a person or group of people who appreciate, promote and develop the products of one of Belgium's oldest and last fruit distilleries.

Artisans de Biercée

Since 1946, a large number of establishments have been supporting us and developing our products. They are the Artisans of our trade.

Every year, cafés and restaurants are honored with the "Artisan de Biercée" label.

What is an Artisan de Biercée?

Les Artisans de Biercée are true ambassadors for the products of the Distillerie de Biercée, as well as for the nuggets our flat country abounds in.

They are proud of our heritage, and their Belgianness is reflected in their establishments, menus, decor...

Eau de Villée, a jewel of Belgian heritage, is one of the flagship digestifs on their menu.

As for the rest, the Artisans de Biercée give free rein to their imagination and don't hesitate to work our spirits in a variety of ways: from a to scampis flambéed with Biercine, and ending with a delicious colonel à l'eau de Villée...

Anything is possible, anything is imaginable!

They welcome all our new products with curiosity.

In short, the Artisans de Biercée are the mirror image of the Distillery, using their know-how to sublimate our premium spirits.