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How do Murcia's finest fresh, untreated lemons become a bottle of Eau de Villée?

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The Biercée Distillery is an unforgettable place to visit, set in magnificent natural surroundings.

It is housed in the unique setting of the Ferme de la Cour, a former outbuilding and court of justice of the Abbey of Lobbes, a jewel of Walloon heritage located on the Ragnies plateau, a few kilometers from Thuin, in the south of the province of Hainaut.

Whether you're passionate about local spirits or curious about an exceptional place, you'll be warmly welcomed for an individual or group guided tour.

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7 to 17 years: €4/p
Adults: €9.50/p


You can find our full range of products and gift sets in the distillery store, located on the production site, in the building that houses the La Grange des Légendes restaurant.

The store is open during Grange des Légendes opening hours and after every booked visit, and all our products are also available on our e-shop.

Ferme de la Cour (left in the courtyard)
Rue de la Roquette, 36
B-6532 Ragnies


Tasting and local gastronomy

Adjacent to the Biercée Distillery and still in the unique setting of the Ferme de la Cour de Ragnies, "La Grange des Légendes" is a brasserie-restaurant where you can sample our products and enjoy a delicious moment with family or friends. In addition to spirits and beers from our distillery, typical Belgian dishes are on the menu.

This magnificent vaulted space houses an exceptional collection of enamelled plates from yesteryear.
A good part of the history of Belgian advertising in the last century is illustrated here, giving the place a vintage charm that enthusiasts love. In fine weather, the superb flower-filled terraces welcome you.